Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Fun @waynad -- PDIT Gathering

Think after 5 years if u get a chance to meet ur friends from collage then wt happens .... well u know the ans ... that exactly what happened this New Year celebration.

All started with a mail from Ashok and Mohan a few weeks back and then started the long mail chain with id's of all possible frnds we can get. and as usual i also pitched in and started the discussion about the place and how we can celebrate, ..
actually i was not at all in a mood to spend my New Year in B'lore .. i have decided to take my bike and ride for a long trip if no other plans succeed.

so after couple of days we made a final list of our frnds and finalised the place and we decided to celebrate in waynad kerala state.

31st Dec 2009 :

Finally total of 19 people showed up of 24 [good num ha...] .. and our plan was to leave B'lore at 12:00 in the afternoon and directly head to waynad and later there we can search for accommodation.

we started around 12:00 from basaveshwarnagar and next stop will be on vijaynagar and final near kengeri , by the time we gathered and left B'lore it was 4:00 pm [now u can imagine how the trip gonna be :) ] , total of 19 people [Nagaraj, Ashok, Mohan, Madhu, Arun, Srikanth, Pavan, Ravi, Shiv Prasad, FG herimat, Prashanth, Vadi, Rajesh, Vikram, Bettu, Rohit, Parashuram, Keshav] , on the way it was good time as every one busy in sharing there stories and cracking some occasional jokes.

by the time we reach waynad is almost 9:00 pm and most of us are worried abt the accommodation, till 11:30pm we were busy in getting the food and good accommodation and most of us thought that we gonna celebrate the new year on the roads .. as only 30 min remaining to the new year and still there is no plans for anything.

Luck played its part and guess wt ? we got a good home stay 8km out side the town and although the owner charged us 250/- per person without food but it was more than enough for us at that time. so there was no time to spare as we only 15 min away from welcoming the new year ... out minibus run like horse to reach our homestay before 12:00am and some how we made it to the accomodation in less than 8 min , and rest is all the fun .. we gathered and celebrated every bit of it .. songs .. jokes... wishes all in the air that time ... after enjoying for about 2 hours .. we went for sleep to get ready for the new year and a brand new day.

1st Jan 2010 :

Well there's nothing spl to write about the rest of the day , all we did was to relax and go for some sight seeing and of course lot of stories, fun and lil sight seeing. all to all it was good day.

2nd Jan 2010:

We visited some falls and the kuruva island before we depart to B'lore and the whole day it was good to see each others face , as we knew that after this it was most difficult to gather in these num's.

To END with :

It was one of the very good opportunity for all of us to meet together and enjoy few days of our life once again .. like we did in our Engg collage

Although the planning was not proper .. and there are lot of confusion and disscussion on the places to visit , it turned out to be a good gathering and in good num.

Whole time everyone enjoying the Photo sessions for the entire trip.

Hope next time we can meet again .. and Enjoy the few more days like one we did.