Monday, November 26, 2012

GT250R rides to Home x 2

Since i brought the new Bike, i always wanted to ride to my home town. well finally i got an opportunity but not once its twice :D

Since Deepavali festival was a big festival and almost everyone will travel to there home town, so naturally i also decided to head towards my home town [Davanageri] which is exactly 260km from Bangalore. yeah.. its not a big distance but previously i went home with my R15 bike many times, unfortunately don't remember how many times, but this time i wanted to check how this new babe will responds to highway cruising, i was interested to know how it handles and top wack i can get out of it.

so i have started from bangalore morning around 10am and crossing the yeshwantpur was lil difficult it proved as it was heavy traffic and GTR surely hates traffic, i was eager to open the throttle and the damn traffic playing a big spoiler.

so i did cruise at slow pace till i get nelamangala toll and i knew from that point its gonna be non-stop riding till my home without any traffic or signals as its NH4 and apart from some small diversions time to time on NH4 there is no stopping [its converting from 4 to 6 lane]. and i need not to worry about the fuel also as earlier my R15 tiny tank needed freequent refilling. but now its not the case the GTR 17ltr tank is more than enough to cover 400km++ without refill.

soon i hit open highway and after the toll its like breeze to ride the GTR, the power is awesome and the sound of the bike in low and high rpm feels like inlines, best sound ever.
during this i was able to test the bike in heavy cross winds , as that day the cross winds were heavy and the GTR heavy weight and sports riding position helped a lot. the bike planted on road like megatonn rock.
absolutely no vibrations or bumps.

i touched that day 167kmph on speedo, and my previous record on this very road was 137kmph on my R15, the comfort level on GTR is unmatched.

after 3 hours and 30 min i reached home right on time for lunch. and GTR was happy that it saw my home.

i took one more ride to home after a month and the feeling was awesome and enjoyed the whole ride.


Bharath Raghu said...

Nice nagoo,,,

Anonymous said...

i am from davangere and i want hy gt 250r and can i get delivery in davangere

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