Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bangalore - Chennai xBhp G2G - Track Day

some weeks back some of the xbhp members [ www.xbhp.com ]sugested to have G2G and have some fun , since it has been long time from last G2G, soon other members also joined there intrest and started discussion on feasiable date for G2G.soon after some days ther entire idea of having G2G has been upgraded and finally it became a G2G of both Bangalore and chennai xbhp on the MMRC [Madrass Motor Race Circuit] and every one wanted it to be a track day.

soon large number of xbhp members shown intrest to participate and the date got fixed as 28th Feb 2010 [sunday] and the race track we will be visiting and have some fun there, and most of the members are extreemly new to race track, the days before the event there are lot of knowledge transfer happened regarding the safe riding skills and techniqs on both road and on the track.
As most of the members turned out on the day of the ride but the guys from the b'lore had to ride from b'lore to chennai so some of the seniour members taken the intiative of arranging the details and plans for the day and finally there were 2 timing finalised for the ride from B'lore to chennai @1pm and @4pm , and there was a very good num from b'lore side.

27th Feb

on the day me and abhi decided to go @2:30pm and meet up with the other members near Hosur where they said they will be waiting .. and as we got ready with all our riding gear and bike's and left our home's around the same time , but due to some misunderstanding instead of taking the direct road via mejestic and forum road we took ring road and ended up in spending more than an hour just reach silk board than usual time.

finally we hit the fine hosur road with almost 120kmph speed hoping to catch up with the other members who left 2 hour early than us, our both R15 bikes were speeding like a rocket and around @5pm we reached the Hosur and decided to fill up the petrol there and at the same time our another frnd Anand [we call him Doc] was waiting in the Hosur petrol bunk with his brand new superbike [Ninja 250R] and the thing is he left B'lore an hour late than us.

soon from there we Three started towards chennai hoping to catch up with the rest of the members, and from Hosur we did non-stop 200km with 2 R15 and one Ninja bike cruising around an avg of 120kmph and within no time we are just 160km away from chennai and as we are ripping our bikes and speeding away suddenly we saw a big group of bikers near the road side taking a brake, and we stopped by the place and there they are our xbhp members and we are happy that finally we catch up with them.

after few min of introduction with new members we faced with a small problem that one of our member[eric] bike is on low battery and his bike won;t start , so we took my bike batter and some how jump started the engine of eric bike and started from there, while eric and few others started ahead of us , I and some other guys were busy in fixing batter on my bike as i lost one bolt/nut of the battery and it was giving prob in starting the bike becouse of the loose connection and later some how we fixed the issue and started off but it was a slow
ride [around 85kmph speed] and by the time it was around 9pm we felt hungry and stopped over for dinner in near by punjabhi dhaba, there we met a Red rooster racing team member who are also planning for the practise session in the race track.

later we started again and reached sri perambadur place in good time , where our other members were waiting for us , and some chennai members also come to meet us in the night and they arranged the lodging for us in the near by hotels, and we are happy to take rest with cool AC and TV's in the room.

28th Feb

I woke up around 8am and by that time almost all of them got ready and especially the new ppl to the race track were in a great spirit and they are eagerly waiting to hit the race track. soon me,Abhi and Doc left our room and went to have a break fast and from there soon we reached the MMRC race track.

As soon as we entered the MMRC .. Oh ..boy .. what i see ? its a new white Audi R8 parked along side Jaguar Wow .. what more .. i see a porche and BMW also on the side there ... cool.. that's it most of the guys are became busy with there camera's and these beauties. as we entered further wow there are few superbikes getting ready for practise an Yamaha R6, suzuki Gixxer,BMW [most of them 600CC] and the sound they make is really a sweet music for any biker.

As today there was lil bit of more crowde the MMRC officials decided to share the track time between cars, superbikes and bikes , so every one will get a fair time of 30 min each in round robin bases, and soon the rest of chennai guys reached the MMRC race track and we all had a introductory session of our own and it was very nice to meet the persons in flesh as all the times we will be chatting on the online forums and chat groups. and soon every one started to take a ride around the race track and feel the thrill of a true racing, soon the whole 3 hour passed like a secound and its time to say good bye to our chennai frnds and start our long
journey towards B'lore. we headed back to our hotels and took some 1 hour rest before hitting the road towards B'lore and every one is happy with the Race track and every one analysing how did they performed in the race track.

After checkout from hotel we started towards the B'lore but one of our member who's bike had the problem had to stay there for one more night in order to fix his bike the next day. rest of us were started our journey towards B'lore and during our way back the car on which few of members came with us had a flat tier soon after fixing that they was a really speedy ride to wards b'lore with around 90 to 100kmph speed.

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