Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Ride To Valparai !

The Beginning

Last trip which i took was almost 5 months back and my bike was almost idle for long except on daily commute to office, as the office work was not there much and was plenty of spare time in daily life. it was the perfect time to hit the roads before the office work starts again.

As a coincidence a ride was planned to Valparai from Bangalore Bikers group and it was perfect chance for me to join them, and also not to forget that it was almost more than 8 months since i rode with them, at the same time Remo who joined with me for many past rides was also interested in this one and he too forced me to join, as a result i made up my mind to go for this ride.

The Ride 

After Getting ready on the ride day we met near the Metro Kanakapura road for gathering and after a quick check on documents [mind you, proper vehicle documents are a must for the ride ] we hit the road around 5AM in the morning and our destination was through Bangalore-Malavalli-chamarajanagara-satyamangalam-pollachi-valparai. with almost no traffic in the morning it was relaxed and quick ride till chamarajanagara. as we reached satyamangalam  forest range it was truly a great feeling as fresh air and green forest pave there way for us , with great road conditions and less traffic it was good ride till Pollachi.

When we reached Pollachi its already mid day and scorching heat from sun coupled with heavy two way traffic made terrible time for ride and due to our heavy riding gears heating up quickly in the sun heat .. we took more breaks than usual

finally we reached the Ghats section from where the Valparai was just 45km and then we needed to head further 25km after the city for our stay at mallapuram [something like that]. we started the ghat section after a break .. and Oh..boy it was soo much fun riding in good roads and Ghat section with all those twisties  and turns and by the time we reached Valparai and took break it was already getting dark and after a quick shopping in the city we decided to head to our stay which is another 25km of Ghats sections with plenty of hair pin bends.

We started the Ghats with tail-gating one another bikes as the fog was very dense and visibility reduced from few meters to 4 feets and our headlights of the bikes were utterly useless as the headlight beams were scattering too much and can't even see what's lies ahead.
we reached our stay after slow ride in dense fog and the whole place is like in the clouds with almost zero visibility and nice surrounding of the forest, it was awesome experience.

The Atherepalli falls 

Next when all of us woke up it was around 8AM and it took another 2 hours to get ready and had breakfast, when we are done with it .. it was time to get fueled up our bikes and as there are no petrol pumps nearby we needed to reach Valparai town which will be around 50km round trip, so by the time everyone fueled up petrol and reached back it was close to 12pm .

 me along with few of the guys decided to head towards Atherepalli falls which is situated close to 160km round trip from the place where we stayed.

The initial roads to wards it were very bad [about 5-8km] and it created more pain for me and Deepak as we both riding R15 and due to its race riding position our hands took the beating and started to pain, but soon after that it was heaven .. the next 60km or so were brand new road with excellent tarmac and without even single bumb , combined with it was awesome deep forest and bends and curves all along .. we did so much of cornering that , it satisfied us to the core. due to a small incident Mohan Apachi bike got spokes bent and he had to turn back .. due to that only 4 of us went ahead and reached forest checkpost  towards the falls.

we spent again a good time near the falls by clicking some pics and spending some spare time and headed back as the forest checkpost won;t allow any vehicles after 5PM due to heavy appearance of wild animals all along the route. again the whole journey took with spirited riding and cornering and lot of photoshoot breaks. and we reached back to our stay in good time.we spent some good time in the night before going to sleep.

Back Journey 

Next day morning after getting ready and having breakfast .. we headed towards B,lore and this time we took different route .. its through butter smooth and boring roads coimabtor-salam-hosur-B'lore and all the way it was good fast riding with 6 lane highway. after giving enough of breaks we reached home around 10pm

and another journey ends in good satisfaction and fun :D

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