Monday, March 21, 2011

An Experiment worth to Try - Gain ur body weight

Synapsis : after seeing so many add/claims about weight gain in many gyms/internet/tv ... i decided to try it ... and for last 40days continuously i was trying it .. and there was an surprising result . ... I PUT UP 5KG in 65 days ...

Putting weight or Reducing it is no simple task , it will take lot of dedication and hard work, in either case a persons mind plays more important role than his body, its better to note that a strong will of mind to achieve the goal is absolutely necessary.

More and more people will try to experiment on these things and in couple of days they lose intrest, its also worth while to note that here u can't expect the result in a night, it will take some time, and by standards i assume that a min of 3 months is very much needed to achieve notable results. and it is possible to reduce this standard time if one try these things very seriously.

There are many websites and tutorials for weight loss but very few for weight gain, so here it is , i'll show you how to gain weight in min possible effort and time

Ok, now said enough , here i am going to put my results , in this case weight gain .

I Assume pple who will follow this are Vegetarians


1. Before you start It is necessary to stick to this schedule very strictly , you should not skip this not even for a day.

2. Try to avoid more spicy food for ur own good.

3. Don;t worry about fat, its needed for you , but too much is problem

4. its little bit of time consuming, so follow this at least for a month to notice marginal gain of weight, remember your body won;t change overnight

5. gym workouts along with food will give you even good results [currently i am doing it, will publish result after 2 months]

6. let me know if ur allergic to any of these below items i suggest alternative

7. eat adequate meals at multiple times than , heavy meals

8. Adjust the timing according to ur convenience but make sure at least give min 2-3hour gap b/w each meals

Intervals Food info
6am Milk Shake => 250ml milk + half apple + dry grapes [10grm] + almond [10grm] + cashew [10grm] + 2 tea spoon full protein powder for protein powder use proteinX (easily available in medical shops)
9am normal breakfast [i usually take 2 idli + 1vada] your choice of BF make it lighter
12pm 1 full apple + 2 banana + glass of milk [i'll have it in office] its easy to carry fruits in office + if possible add one scoop of protein powder to milk
2pm Lunch => take 3 chapati's with lot of vegetables, avoid rice and masala things + lot of salad and curd Take more chapatis depending on ur capacity
4pm 1 full apple + 2 banana + glass of milk [i'll have it in office] its easy to carry fruits in office + if possible add one scoop of protein powder to milk
6pm light snarks depending on availability, u can also avoid this intake of food
9pm Dinner => more chapati's and one scoop of rice + curd + salad depending on ur capacity and availability
11pm Milk Shake => 250ml milk + half apple + dry grapes [10grm] + almond [10grm] + cashew [10grm] + 2 tea spoon full protein powder for protein powder use proteinX (easily available in medical shops)

Bottm Line : Nothing comes for Free and Nothing is Easy

Best of luck :)

Bangalore - to - Munnar [Xbhp IS G2G 2011]

Hello Friends .....

Here i am with one more write up and one more adventure ride .... this was pretty special .. as this is the first time i am visiting Kerala on bike and also from last 7-8 months i haven't done any long rides on my bike .. so its pretty long pause for me .. and one more reason to categorize this ride as special was .. this is the longest journey i took in a day on my bike [~600km].. so together my wish of visiting Munnar come true .. and i am happy that it happened on my bike ..

Ironically the Munnar was selected as the place to G2G this was the only place we choose with almost majority of votes on the forums ... so the Interstate Get 2 Gather was held in Munnar this time .. as kerala was hosting this event .. if u don;t know what i am trying to explain to you then here it goes ... every year the Xbhp members [India's largest biking community ] will held south India Interstate get to  gather  in one of the south Indian states .. so last year it was held in Tamilnadu [Yerkad] and next year it will be held in Karnataka .. and so on...

The information regarding this IS G2G was conveyed much earlier .. so that ppl can have good planning for the event .. so i too had the enough time to plan my timing .. and final dates arrived at 11/12/13th of March 2011,

Till the last day of the ride coming .. i was not sure to join the ride due to some personal issues ... and finally i made my mind to ride along with the group on 10th only .. just a day before the actual ride happened after coming from the office .. i took liberty to gather my stuffs for the next day ride .. and i made sure that i take minimum luggage .. and that included a backpack that contains a pair of cloths and some necessary items.

Mountains calling ....

The Ride day i woke up around 4am in the morning and got ready quickly ... after stuffing my riding gear .. i pushed the ignition key of my bike .. and she started to sing without any hassle...and she knew that this day she gonna work hard .. 570Km .is not small distance and .. she is very much eager to cover it non-stop..

I needed to meet up with the rest of the group near silk board juntion .. and it took less than 20 min to reach there .. and by the time i reached most of ppl already gathered there ..and quickly we were split in to two groups .. depending on the speed of riding .. and one group with cruising speed of 90-100+ kmph .. and other one with 75-85kmph .. and first head 10 min early to avoid mix up with slow group ..

I was so happy to hit the highway it was very long period for me ..without cruising at Tripple digits .. and initial riding till outside of Hosur .. was not so fun in the dark .. but once the sun broke out .. it was very cool and fresh feeling .. and although riding with group resulted in slower speed of cruising .. but it was lot of fun to ride ..

our First stop was for Break fast near Topur A2B .. almost very near to Salem .. and we took  our first break and we are happy that we are right on schedule .. and soon finishing the break fast .. we hit the highway road again and this time we decided to take break for lunch after some 150-200km ..
when we reached the starting of ghats section to Munnar .. it was already around 2pm and .. we knew that riding in these Ghats will be pretty slower .. and as the entire Ghats section will cover more than 100+ km .. we knew its gonna take more time ..

Finally we started with comfortable speed of 40kmph .. in the Ghats section and as the roads were very narrow and the surrounding scenery is mesmerizing.. we decided to stick to 40kmph speed of comfort and safety .. and this resulted us 4+ hours of riding in the ghats ..

We reached Munnar in the evening 7 pm .. and immediately we checkedin in a hotel .. which was already booked for us .. and the Chennai team already arrived before us .. and the night we took rest and with excellent food .. all our tiredness dissapeared  and adding to that the coldness of the mountains .. it was a great place to relax ..

The next day most of the ppl woke up late in the morning .. and few of them very early and they already went to see some high point for photography .. soon we realized that all the members from all the different states were arrived in different time of the night .. and some of them resting and others went for some adventure like off roading ..

We all again started around 11 am for the visiting places around munnar .. and the whole day we visited different places like High point,some couple of dams ..and Tea estates .. and the whole day was riding in the mountains and let me tell you .. the 99% of munnar Mountains were filled with Tea plantation and the view you get there is something to remember for very long time...

In the Evening we gathered near hill top place to group photo and we watched the beautiful sunset before heading back to hotel .. and once back .. we have done some small shopping and roaming in the city .. as the Night gets deeper the coldness in the air increased and it was time for some campfire . ..and some good food .. till 12 inthe midnight we were around campfire and had good time ..

Next day we couple of guys woke up very early and started back to Bangalore .. and we wanted to come back by evening in bangalore .. so ..needed to skip group riding which suppose to start around 7:30 am .. so .. four of us ..started around 6:am in the morning .. and ride back to Bangalore by 5:pm in the evening .. it was fast ride .. and we are the 2nd group to reach the bangalore early ..

so overall it was very memorable ride .. and also was able to make couple new friends and was able to meet up with old guys...
some of the chennai guys were 45-55years old and they rediscovered the life in biking ... and hopefully next G2G will be even bigger .. and for that i surely take my life partner with me ..and so is the some of the other guys

Disclaimer : some of the pics were from the fellow members and credit goes to them .. my pics were marked/signed as "Nagoo" at the bottom ..

In Summery : 70+ bikes riding in harmony in the Munnar ghats .. is more beautiful than Monalisa smile :D

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