Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ride to chikkamagalore - BB aniversary ride

With every year there always been couple of rides which are solely dedicated to special reasons, and one among them is the BB anniversary ride, as synonym with Xbhp anniversary rides, BB rides also have lot of common things, may it be joy of riding or strict code of conduct of biking safety. and things will always turn out to be fun and enjoyments in these rides. and Hence the Third BB anniversary ride was planned in and around Chikkamangalore [Karnataka] and as the ride was post monsoon it was sheer pleasure to ride in and around western Ghats region due to its lush green mountains and thick tea plantation.

The voting has begun to select the destination a month back itself and it was decided based on the votes that Chikkamangalore will be the riding destination, and there's good number of bikers turnout expected and good number of riders joined too, all the pre-arrangements related to stay,food and itinerary was taken care by the mods and due to everyone collective effort the planning was smooth and effortless.

For me there is special moment as my New Bike arrived just less than a month ago and my new GT250R was still in run-in period and although the run-in was not my problem but i wanted to know that how the beast will behave on the highways and how its power/handling and other aspects will behave. and more than that i wanted to feel the cornering abilities of the bike.

So our Journey will start from here, we gathered near Yashwanthpur Shell petrol station early in the morning and after a quick briefing and checks we split the group in to 2 and started in Tumkur road. as we knew that the road conditions are much better till all the way to our destination, we had little things to worry. and i was relieved to know that Bharat 200NS also in run-in period and we both can tag along to maintain the speed.

Another notable thing is along with my Hyosung there were another two , one with Santha and another comet with Vijith. due to our run-in me and Bharat were left behind and we were more careful to match the speed of other and at the same time to maintain our break-in speed of bike. the day's temperature was well below the expected mark and due to my mesh handgloves my hands getting numb and my initial ride with GT250R went without any issues till an hour or so. after some time my riding position was not so comfortable and i was more concentrated towards adjusting my riding position and the bike presence on highway was awesome, very good stability and torque and its really fun to ride, but sadly i couldn't open too much throttle due to its run-in period. on the way santha's GTN got punchered and he has to stop to fix it along with other folks.while Santha asked rest of us to leave and he will catch up with us. we continued our journey.

Meanwhile another group of superbikers also were heading towards Chikkamangalore and due to mine and Vijits GT250R and Comets looks almost same size and look of superbikes there few of the guys from that groups confused with our bikes and thought we also belongs with them and asked for rest of the guys, but soon realizing that we are with some other group they zoomed past us.

We took break at Belur cross for the breakfast and along with us other group of superbikers also halted there, so obviously all the surrounding ppl started to staring those bikes which ranged from R1 to BMW and Hyabusa to Ducati. so we finished our break in good time with lot of idli's and dosa's, meantime rest of the guys also joined us who stopped behind to help Santha's bike.

we started from breakfast point towards our destination Chikkamangalore and after spirited riding by evening we were able to reach  our stay which was arranged in one home stay near attigundi [small junction which goes towards baba budangiri] and its a basic home stay with couple of rooms and in one big room most of us settled and the weather all the way was very sunny and once we entered the ghats section it was pleasant and cool. and as the evening falls the temp out side turned out to be very cold and shivery. we got refreshed soon and i was very happy that my new bike handled excellently and all the way i was having fun.

That night we had great fun around campfire and while John was sleeping due to his cold and Headache  the rest of us were having great enjoyment while teasing Alok[Billa] , parallely  there was fight for pakoda's when ever it arrives  each time. well our enjoyment went on till late night and around 2am everyone started to head towards there beds and not to forget the temp also dropped drastically during the night and the fact is we were in the middle of hills with surrounded by trees and plantation.
although most of us slept whole night in warm room, but few who crashed to bed in other out room had very unpleasant sleep due to the rooms were built with bamboo's and there was bone chilling cold outside.

Morning we woke and after having breakfast , decided to head towards siteseeing and our first destination was Bababudangiri  the roads are in not good shape and  riding Sports Bike was unpleasant and although its manageable still not much fun compared to tarmac. after spending detailed time there and some photoshoot , we all decided to head towards sun-set point towards kemmanGundi.

The initial path towards sunset point was good with tarmac below my GT250R and with its enough power and sweet grunt it was all joy riding, but this joy was cut short by last 2 km of ride, there is no road at all and with big rocks to fine gravel filled with feet deep holes , it has became nightmare for me to drive in that along with me Bharat and Raghu[Bharat]  were also struggling with there CBR and P200NS. so some how we reached the sunset point and rest of the ppl decided to head further to other side of the hills for better view. but we 3 stayed back due to bad roads.
after spending almost 2 hours there  with sunset and lot of photo shoots between we 3 and our 3 bikes we head back to our homestay , there it  was already dark and it was good time to test the Headlight of the bike and to my happiness i was satisfied with the amount of light the GT250R spreads with its projector lights. although bad roads were not enough there were thousands of small bugs hindering our views in those forests. we reached our home stay in good time and got freshenup and started to wait for the rest of the bikers to arrive.

The next day we woke up early and after finishing our breakfast, we decided to head towards bangalore and quickly Santha found that his GTN read shocks were broken seal and damping effect was terrible, still we pushed forwards and after giving lot of breaks , we reached Bangalore in the evening. soon we departed to our homes after wishing good bye to everyone and another memorable trip ended with lot of sweet memories.

Picasa link :  https://picasaweb.google.com/102729674108102165962/BB_AniversaryMeetChikkamagalore


"ALOK" said...

lovely Nagoo Bhai ...

kiran kumar said...

nice oone..

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