Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Year Celebration 2012 @ Varkala [Kerala]

uploading pics Soon ......

well this is the first blog which i have updated very late.. infact very very late .. almost a year later.

by the time you finish reading the above line you might come to guess, how lame this Varkala trip log, and yes to an extent your right. this was the new year celebration which went lil wrong with the place selection.
instead of all these we had good fun. and this time i will put less words and more pics.

we started for varkala [kerala] along with our usual PDIT friend circle and we never thought that the place we selected gonna be boring. the reason is simple last year we went to GOA and had lot of lot of fun. expectations were high this time. but due to its very long distance and journey time we spent one whole day traveling. and after reaching there we encountered a cyclone which prevented us from having fun at beach side and playing water. but more than that we had to watch Bharata-natyam dance and other folk dance on 31st DEC night, instead of having fun :P.

well its not all that bad either , we have had good vollyball match on the beach with some unknow westren friends and the best of all the first sun rise of the newyear we were able to watch in kanyakumari :D
and ofcourse not to forget the fun in bus with housy-housy game.

with almost 20 friends together it was really a good time
Me, Ashok,Mohan,Gowtam,Pavan,Rajesh,Gowda,Srikanth,Bettu,Shivu,Vishwa,Hegde,Andy,Shiva,Vikky

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