Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bike Trip to Nanadi Hills

Hello All,

Let me tell u something abt this place if ur in B'lore then almost everyone know's this place very well ... still if some others don;t know abt it .. then here it goes ............

Nandi hills is situated around 60km from the B'lore city and its very ideal place for the one day family trip, and all most all the vehicles reach the till top of this mountain and the road is also very good, and as it is a popular picknic spot it will be crowded almost all weekends and holidays.

And this is one of the good place for morning ride on the bike as the roads are very good [international airport road] and easily u can keep up the 3 digit speed if ur bike permits .. and of course not to mention that the max speed limit for a bike is 60kmph and there will be atleast 2 police interceptors at any day so becareful .. if they catch u then they will fine u for over speeding, so avoid over speeding.

Now back to our trip, ... well this was not the first trip to nandi hills for me .. i went countless times and knew each and every pit and hole all the way on the road. but it was my first trip with Bangalore bikers.

well the day before the trip niranjan sms'd me and asked if i am available then i can join with them, so i decided to join them and on the day of the trip we planned to meet at hebbal fly over where eva mall is there at 5:30am in the morning.

so i woke up early and got ready quickly and before leaving i just checked my digicam and the battery was dried up , so i thought to use the new battery cells and i got the new pack and trie'd to open the seal .. and Oh..boy i really got screwed as i trie'd to cut the seal with a sharp knife it missed and i cut my hand ... and the blood started to flow uninterruptedly,,.. Sh** now i worried abt how to drive the bike , quickly i dressed my wound and applied some bandage and finally the blood stopped bleeding, i took my hand glouse and wear it.

I reached the predesignated meeting point and already some guys were waiting and as soon as reached we waited for some time for other members to reach there. and especially that day it was damn cold ,, my riding GPR race jacket with mesh allowing all the freez cold air to enter the jacket and so my hand glouse and with even sub 60kmph speed we are shivering... and every one was waiting for sunrise so that some warm temp we can feel.

finally after very chilling and shivering ride we reached the nandi hills top and we just parked our bikes and started some chit chatters,.. later after some time we decided to head back halfway where there is one very beautiful curve is there and do some photoshoot with carnering.

we spent some good time in doing cornering and shoto session before starting from there and in all these activities Atul got a crash while doing cornering and thankfully he was not seriously injured. by the time we reach the base fo the nandi hills it was around 10 am and our tummy is making hangama and personally i felt very hungry .. so we stopped at the hotel and had nice break fast before heading back to home.

while on the way we were stopped by cops several times for checking bike documents [its really pain if u riding with full riding gear on airport road as cops will stop u on every junction thinking that we are doing some racing and which is not the case].

Overall it was good ride on the sunday morning and we all enjoyed except Atul who got crashed and he was in lil pain


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