Thursday, April 1, 2010

260KM - 3 Hours - 1 stop of 5 min - Solo ride

By seeing the Title , its obvious u understood fairly what i want to say ... yup .. that's correct , its pretty damn fast ride , infact its insane ride...

It all started with the idea of a long ride and although i have done many long rides but never went to my home town with my bike. so i was planning for it soo long time and most of the times i never got the opportunity and company to ride along with me.

Finally i got an opportunity on last weekend [19-03-2010] as i was planned an urgent visit to my home, and i was too lazy to book the bus ticket and more over i was very much irritated to travel in bus. and can't spend 6-7 hours in bus traveling.

So i called few my frnds to accompany me on the ride , but unfortunately all of them are busy or had some other works during that weekend. all this left me think twice about the ride.

On Thursday after finishing my office work i reached home around 8pm and made my mind for the solo ride the next day. after finishing my meals i needed to do one big thing .. .. guess what ? .. its cleaning my bike and lubricating for the long ride .. and after soo many days finally i washed my bike and properly lubricated the chain and other parts which needed much attention.


Next day i woke up early in the morning around 5am and got ready with all necessary things and it included my newly brought foot pump too, and finally the time i started my bike and left my room it was exactly 6 am in the morning, i started off in relaxed form and rode through the narrow Tumkur road till i exit Bangalore ... till i found the toll gate .. it was slow ride in around 70kmph speed.

After the Tumkur Toll gate i was started ripping my bike and blasting off like rocket ... and most of the time i was cruising around 125-130kmph speed , Thank fully that day there was no much traffic on NH-4 , during the entire journey if i count i saw total of around 15-20 trucks and few buses and some cars/jeeps ...

after 170km from B'lore i took my first stop of 5 min and took some snaps and relaxed a bit before starting off again.

finally when i reached my home it was 9:05am .. it was pretty good ride .. with no body pains if i admit.

well i was very happy that finally i reached on time for the yummy home Breakfast .. .. of course .. i got lil bashing from parents too. ... but bottomline is i finished my long desired ride to home on my bike... :)


Geetha Athri said...

its interesting Nagoo... but more risky... any way... hope u dont try to do it again n again..

Nice writing too.... :-))

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