Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ride to Trek and Trek to Ride ..... Tadiyandamol

It was 2 years back during one Bikers Get to gather i was discussing about how exciting it will be trekking in western ghats and in deep forests, and at the same time many eager bikers wanted to join similar treks in future with me.
Since then Time passed and couple of months back we had similar discussion again and this time many suggested we should do one such trek but with slightly different way.
many wanted to Ride to the place on our bikes and then Trek to the high peaks and come back home by Riding bikes. well this sounded quite a fun but there was some confusion about the place to choose and its feasibility.

Finally to start with we have decided to Trek Tadiyandanamol peak, its near to Virajpet town and falls under coorg district. and moreover this place is very scenic and its just 7km trek one way.
after failed attempt for couple of weeks, we have decided to execute this plan on July 6-7 2013 and after couple of last min dropouts, finally 8 ppl were ready for this Ride and Trek adventure.

Trek Day :

we started off from Mysore road / nice road junction after a quick meetup and our plan is to reach a village called Kakabbe which is almost near the starting trail of the Trek. and we planned to reach there by 1PM around.although it was monsoon and these hills will receive heavy rains, we already decided to ride or Trek even if its raining and we come prepared for it.

After breakfast in one hotel on Mysore road we quickly covered lot of distance and we reached a junctions from there we need to take diversion towards Virajpet town.the roads were good till that point, after that diversion it was full of path-holes and mud, slush and it took us almost 2 hour to cover just 50km and there only we decided that while coming back we will take Madikeri road instead this one.

We reached Kakabbe and as we not booked the stay,it took us some time to search of one home-stay.
After dumping our luggage and parking bikes we started our trek towards the peak.

It was all the way drizzling and it was cold but bearable. the only things which caused lot of problems for couple of First times were Leaches, sucking blood whenever they get a chance.
We reached halfway to the peak and we could now clearly able to feel the beauty of these mountains and thick fog/cloud greeted us as we went up and up on to the mountains.

Before the last stage of the trek, we greeted by dense forest and rain also started pouring heavily and we needed to make our way through that forest climb with rains above and Leaches below giving us company in our journey.

 The last one km was little steap and challenging for the new comers or new trekkers but it didn't stopped us from climbing further, finally we were able to reach the Top and enjoy that moments which feels like your on top of the Mount Everest. and its wise to mention the temperature on the peak was freekingly cold and most painful was our hands and feet which are wet and started to turn green and blue.

After spending some time there in the rain on the peak , it took us almost half the time to climb down. after getting our luggage and bikes we headed to home-stay which is near Kakabbe town. although the home stay is old one with only min facilities, it served us well. and next day we started back our journey from Living jungle to Concrete jungle.

pics: charan,canute




Rania Paula said...

Hmmmm this many images to scroll is a very big task for me atlast came to comment.It was a fantastic job by you guys . You had enjoyed a lot by riding and trekking..
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