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Trek to Kodachadri - NSN team 2012

This is the only Trek for the second half of this year 2012, although its very lame year, when it comes to the Treks and Hikes. but i was more busy with Bike rides.and as with any trek planning this one also has some twists and turns.
It was almost end of monsoon and there was an opportunity to take a Hike or trek as post monsoon the western ghats will be nothing less than a dream paradise. and also there is common opinion that this year the monsoon is very weak and almost nothing compared to previous years and yes its true, you may call it global warming or something else but fact remains same.

planning started a month early and initially the destination is not kodachadri but to kuduremukh and as the time passed and lot of flip-flops on the plans eventually only 5 ppl were ready and only 4 of us successfully executed this trek. our plan was to hire a vehicle and proceed to kodachadri and finish the trek. but at last moment we decided against it as its proving to be costly and worthless. so we decided to go via bus and this is rare, due to our majority of treks we prefer private vehicle rather public transport due to flexibility in traveling, well that's the past .. now we have to live with public transport.

finally we have booked 4 tickets to Kollur [karnataka] and decided to finish trek on saturday and after stay at kodachadri we visit next day Kollur temple and head back to bangalore. well planning was perfect and we expected no hindrance in executing this plan and hence we sticked to this plan.

On friday we gathered [Me,Shiva,Sumanth,Vishal] at Navarang signal to board the bus and around 10:30pm the bus arrived and we started our journey, after lil chit chat in the bus most of us slept whole journey throughout the night, when i woke up its almost 6am and bus was travelling in un-even surface with lot of bumps and jumps. meanwhile rest of the guys also woke up due to this bad road and started as usual chattering and at the same time a fellow passenger advised us to getdown near Kodachadri gate and start the trek from there. obliging to his words we asked the bus driver to stop us at Kodachadri gate and around 7:30am we reached the starting point and got down from the bus.

after changing the dress and shoes in the middle of deserted road we took some time to get prepare for the trek and decided to take some photo sessions.
soon after that we started the trek and initially its fog filled walk for some 30min in the thick forest and there was jeep track we needed to follow the path to reach a lone small hotel [Santhosh hotel] which is in the middle of the jungle and we took about some 2 hours to reach it for the breakfast and in between we were so relaxed and spending time for photo session.
we reached finally the hotel and after checking about available options for breakfast  it was only 2 items were there , one is puttu [idli kind of dish which is very hard] and omlets. well this is due to the fact that the same day there was a strike due to some reason and all transports were stopped , hence the hotel person thought no one will come that day. anyway we spent lot of time there and after filling up our tummies we were ready to trek and the fact is the actual trek starts from here.

after checking for proper trek route we continued and there was an instance where we did deviated from the trek route initially but we were able to correct it quickly. since from this point the geography started to change and its also started to pose challenging to climb due to steepness. although the route is very much noticeable and there is no chance of getting lost but our pace turned to very slow and adding to that one of our guys [Shiva] physically so tiered that literally we needed to drag him to match our speed and most of the time we headed before him and waited for him to catch up with us.

During all these adventure we were really happy to see the awesome beauty of the nature, as the entire mountain range is filled with lush green and vivid colors and competing with is the clouds which were touching us and playing hide and seek. there was coolness in the air and climbing those heights just made easy with all these colorfull trees and mystic clouds.

as we trekked to reach the destination there was parallel photo-session also happening. after a decent time and with not much effort finally we were able to see the top where there is temple and stay options , of-course along with some food options also. we took a big break and relaxed after reaching and still the peak is almost 3-4km from this point and decided to take a break and finish our lunch and then go and trek the rest of the peak.

soon some of us took bath and finished the lunch , although its very basic meal but it was the best and good taste. then we took some rest before starting , and during these events we started a serious discussion on what we do tonight either to head back to bangalore or to stay for the night and next day head back after visiting the kollur temple. well the opinion was different among us and we let off the decision for the time being.

we started the trek again to reach the peak and this time without our luggage it was little easy and relaxing, but the mountain steepness was increasing in proportional manner. but the rewarding was the mindblowing beauty and awesomeness of the place , so green and majestic words can't describe it  one has to see his own. the whole way we took lot of breaks and snaps and were sitting on the edge of the rocks silently for hours. finally we reached the peak and there forward me and Shiva decided to head further bit and explore adjacent peak while Vishal and Sumath stayed back and taking photo rest.

after spending some time there we decided to head back and reached back near to temple from where we started and took break , now our discussion of either staying for the night or heading back to bangalore started again. finally we were able to decide to head back to bangalore. we spoke with one jeep driver for hire and he also promised us that he will help us getting the bus booking to bangalore and after agreeing we started our journey back in jeep, the whole path is filled with feets long holes and big rocks and only jeeps can ride there that too with lot of difficulty and this ride we did enjoy, its like washing cloths in washing machine , only difference is we were acting like those cloths and jeep as washing machine :D .
the whole way mountain range was a treat for the eyes. at the end of the journey we reached some civilization and we left with plenty of time after booking the bus ticket. so we finished our dinner in near by some small hotel and spent a good 3 hours in just chatting and making fun each other.
one more trek finally successful with fun and joy. thanks to good company by Sumanth , Vishal and Shiva.

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