Thursday, March 14, 2013

XBhp G2G Chikkamagalore 2012

Well as with each year , this year also XBhp G2G happened and with last 2 years i attended these G2G , this year also decided to attend and this year it was in Karnataka and that too in Chikkamagalore.

after the lengthy discussion in the xbhp forum it was decided to keep the event for 3 days, and preparations started to happen. but unfortunately i was very busy with office work and couldn;t able to take a day off, so decided to attend the meet only for 2 days.
thankfully my friend Alok was also in same situation and we both decided to start on saturday , but due to my bike servicing we were able to start only in the afternoon. our journey started with non-stop riding till Hassan city and there after we little bit slow down. but the weather was too good with little bit of sunny and some drizzling.

by the evening we could able to reach the Chikkamangalore and as we were not sure of the resort location, there started our quest to find one , after asking lot of local ppl , Alok found one kind person who not only showed us the way but also given his contact number in case any help needed so that we could call him. and yes we did call him couple of times to ask proper directions. finally we were able to reach the resort and its in good location hidden in deep plantation and rooms and food was good enough.

the night we spent in campfire and also lot of jokes and meeting the fellow XBhp'ans from other state. and most of the night we spent with jokes and teasing each others.

next day morning after the breakfast we started back to bangalore , although this time we didn't able to spend much time with this G2G, but what ever time spent its worth.

Here are couple of pics from the G2G , some are taken by me and rest goes to original owners of the pics which i took from XBhp


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